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Hardware Bench Test

This page describes how to verify your setup before you go out and fly
Danger: Always remove the propellers from your drone before starting the following tests.
It is preferred to power the drone from a battery instead of the wall power supply to ensure that there is enough power for the motors to spin up.
In order to avoid damage to the aircraft, verify that the airframe setup is correct before conducting the first flight tests. Make sure that your Skynode is registered in the suite and that it has access to the internet either over LTE or over WIFI.
For the bench test you will need either a Skynav or a computer with AMC on it and an RC.
  • Calibrate your sensors and RC by going through them in the Vehicle Setup in AMC. Once done none of the items should have red indicators anymore.
  • By default Auterion Enterprise PX4 does not allow the vehicle to be armed without a proper GPS reception. To be able to test indoors nonetheless, enable the parameter COM_ARM_WO_GPS. Please make sure to disable this parameter once you are done testing! This is an important safety measure, which should never stay disabled.
  • In case you are unable to perform the bench test over a radio or WiFi link and have to resort to a USB connection, you will need to disable the circuit breaker by setting CBRK_USB_CHK=197848. This allows the vehicle to be armed with a USB cable connected to the Skynode. Please make sure to disable this parameter ocne you are done testing!
  • You should now be able to arm your drone from the Skynav/RC. Check if the motors react correctly to your stick inputs. If they do not spin equally fast or stall you might need to calibrate your ESCs. Also you might need to adjust trim values for servos.
  • You should see the bench test in the Suite under "Flights". Check out your first flight log!
For your own safety please make sure to disable the following safety overrides after the bench testing is done:
  • COM_ARM_WO_GPS = 0
  • CBRK_USB_CHK = 0
You are now ready to go out and fly!