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SSH access

This API requires at least auterion-app-api: 2 to be available
Directly accessing your app via SSH can be beneficial, especially for debugging.

Enabling direct SSH access

1. Enable SSH port forwarding

In the auterion-app.yml file, enable SSH port forwarding by adding ssh: true
build: <location of Dockerfile>
ssh: true

2. Make sure you have openssh-server installed in your app

Make sure your app image contains openssh-server . If you are using the auterion/app-base:v2 base image, you already have openssh-server

3. Create an SSH keypair

Create an SSH key-pair to use to access your app. You can do this from the command line
ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f my-app-key

4. Insert public key in your app, start SSHd

In your Dockerfile add your public key to the authorized keys. The public key can be found in
RUN echo "ssh-ed25519 ....." >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
Change the command in your Dockerfile to make sure to launch sshd with your app like so
CMD /usr/sbin/sshd && ./my-app

5. Access app

Now build and install the app. You can then use auterion-cli app list to find out the SSH port you got assigned for your app. You can then SSH into your app with
ssh -i my-app-key -p <port from auterion-cli app list> [email protected]