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Auterion CLI Reference

Command Line Interface for interfacing with AuterionOS as well as installed applications
Auterion CLI is the main tool for Auterion's app-development workflow and can be installed using pip. A version of Auterion-cli is also pre-installed on Skynode, albeit with limited functionality


Use pip
pip3 install auterion-cli
This will install in your local user directory.
Make sure your ~/.local/bin directory is in the PATH to access it.


Discover / select devices

"Selecting" a device makes auterion-cli perform all actions against that selected device. In case no device is selected, auterion-cli will default to any device reachable on
  • auterion-cli device discover: Discover reachable auterion devices. Requires AuterionOS 2.7+
  • auterion-cli device select <serial>: Select a reachable device to connect to
  • auterion-cli device deselect: De-select any currently selected device

Device information

  • auterion-cli info: Get information about the selected device
  • auterion-cli report: Download diagnostic report from selected device

App management

  • auterion-cli app list: List all currently installed apps on the device
  • auterion-cli app start <app name>: Start a stopped app
  • auterion-cli app stop <app name>: Stop a running app
  • auterion-cli app restart <app name>: Restart an app
  • auterion-cli app enable <app name>: Enable autostart for an app
  • auterion-cli app disable <app name>: Disable autostart for an app
  • auterion-cli app status <app name>: Get current status for an app
  • auterion-cli app logs <app name> [-f]: Display logs for an app. -f for live log feed. Live log feed requires AuterionOS 2.7+

Development workflow

  • auterion-cli app build: Build the app project in current folder. Creates .auterionos file in build folder.
  • auterion-cli app install <file>: Install the .auterionos app file to skynode