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Auterion CLI Reference

Command line utility to interact with Auterion Devices and Apps
Type auterion-cli --help in your command line to get help. For help for a sub-command, type auterion-cli <subcommand> --help


Auterion CLI can be easily installed with the help of the python package installer (pip). Therefore, before running the next installation step, make sure that you have pip installed and running on your development system.
pip3 install auterion-cli
Make sure your that ~/.local/bin directory is in the PATH to access it.


Auterion CLI automatically checks for updates when running. In order to update to the newest version run the following command:
pip3 install --upgrade auterion-cli

Command reference

Discover / select devices

"Selecting" a device makes auterion-cli perform all actions against that selected device. In case no device is selected, auterion-cli will default to any device reachable on
auterion-cli device discover
Discover reachable Auterion devices
auterion-cli device select <serial>
Select a reachable device to connect to
auterion-cli device deselect
Deselect any currently selected device

Device information

auterion-cli info
Get information about the selected device
auterion-cli report
Download diagnostic report from selected device

App management

auterion-cli app list
List all currently installed apps on the device
auterion-cli app start <app name>
Start a stopped app
auterion-cli app stop <app name>
Stop a running app
auterion-cli app restart <app name>
Restart an app
auterion-cli app enable <app name>
Enable autostart for an app
auterion-cli app disable <app name>
Disable autostart for an app
auterion-cli app status <app name>
Get current status for an app
auterion-cli app logs <app name> [-f]
Display logs for an app. Add -f for live log feed.

Development workflow

auterion-cli app init
Create a new app project
auterion-cli app build
Build the app project in current folder. Creates .auterionos file in build folder.
auterion-cli app install <file>
Install the .auterionos app file to skynode
auterion-cli app remove <app name>
Remove an app from skynode