Auterion for Developers
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Development Setup

This guide describes how to write apps for AuterionOS


In order to write apps for AuterionOS, the following is required
  • Access to an Auterion Skynode (> 2.5) or an AINode (> 1.0)
  • A development computer running Linux
  • A developer account with Auterion Suite

Auterion-cli installation

The app development workflow makes heavy use of the auterion-cli command line tool. You can install the tool with pip.
$ pip install auterion-cli
After installation, auterion-cli command should be available in your path. You can check for a successful installation with
$ auterion-cli --version
auterion-cli automatically checks for updates when runnig. In order to update to the newest version of auterion-cli, run pip install --upgrade auterion-cli

Useful commands

Discover devices

Connect your Auterion device with USB to your development computer. When running auterion-cli device discover the tool should discover your connected device
$ auterion-cli device discover
Found devices
selected serial version addresses
---------- --------- --------- -------------
000007002 v2.7.7 {''}
The tool will discover any device in your local network. In case your Skynode is connected to your local network, you don't need to connect via USB

Selecting a device

All commands that target a device, like getting device information or installing apps, will be issued against the "selected" device. In case you don't have a device selected and have a device connected via USB, the device connected via USB will be chosen by default.
To select a device, run auterion device select <serial number>. You can then verify that the device was selected by issuing auterion-cli device discover again
$ auterion-cli device select 000007002
Selected device with ID 000007002 on address
$ auterion-cli device discover
Found devices
selected serial version addresses
---------- --------- --------- -------------
* 000007002 v2.7.7 {''}
All commands issued will now hit device 000007002

List installed apps

You can get a list of installed apps with auterion-cli app list
$ auterion-cli app list
Name Version Status Enable Services Status Enable
--------------------- --------- -------- -------- -------------------- -------- --------
app-base-v0 v0 stopped disabled base-image exited exited
com.auterion.test-app 0.0.1 running enabled test-app running running

Full CLI reference