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Mavlink Communication with the Autopilot and other systems that use the MAVLink protocol
MAVLink can be used to interface with components that use the MAVLink protocol and are connected to Skynode. These can be applications running on AuterionOS, payloads or other devices connected to the Skynode or its flight controller.
If you wish to write a custom application which can send and receive MAVLink to or from the FMU, we recommend using MAVSDK and connect to the interface outlined below. Some great examples can be found in the open-source MAVSDK repository.
MAVLink messages can be received by all MAVLink endpoints in the system, including the autopilot, camera, gimbal and Ground Control Station. Be cautious when interfacing with the system on this level to avoid any undesired behavior.
To connect to the on-board mavlink network, open a TCP connection to For MAVSDK use the connection string "tcp://"
If the Skynode is connected via USB, you can also connect to that port by using IP
Do not use TCP connections to connect to MAVLink over a radio link. Only use TCP for on-board communication and development setups with USB cable.