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AOS 2.8.1


This version of AuterionOS comes bundled with APX4 2.7.6:
Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.17.9 or newer with this version of AOS:
If you are updating from a version older than 2.4, please first update to the latest 2.5 before updating to latest version otherwise an error message will be displayed in the Skynode web UI.

What improved

  • AuterionOS:
    • major RTPS/DDS refactoring. Some old logic was fully removed (eg. protocol splitter) since we are now using RTPS over the ethernet and not the uart anymore
    • improve error handling during a skynode update. Some critical errors would previously be ignored while others that could be ignored were making the update fail anyway.
    • Fix target architecture issue that could randomly make production builds fail in CI
    • Remove some leftovers from the repartitioner feature that was used in release 2.4 to 2.6 to increase the rootfs on already fielded skynodes.
    • Refactor sysinfo api especially for the diagnostic report generation and for the device specific logic (eg. logic only for skynode)
    • Add nginx error log to the diagnostic report
    • Change Apps logging backend to also use journald
  • Suite service:
    • Add logic to queue post params after a set many job
    • Add a new worker to run asyncio jobs
  • Payload manager:
    • Fixed issue where occasionally Trillium would not show any video at boot
  • PX4:
    • Update firmware from 2.7.6 to 2.7.7. This is to fix FRAM test that we use in manufacturing.
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