Creating an airframe configuration

After setting up, configuring, and tuning a new vehicle, an airframe configuration file should be created for storing the setup and tuning parameters. Using airframe configurations the tuning can then easily be applied to other vehicles of the same type, as all relevant parameters will be loaded from this file.

The airframe configuration file defines all parameters that are specific to the airframe, including its mixer configuration. The airframe configuration files must be added to the directory fmu/config/airframes/ in your copy of the Auterion Developer Tools and as a file named <unique_id>_<name>, where unique_id must be an integer larger than one million.

Example: fmu/config/airframes/1300000_my_custom_airframe

These instructions require that you have already set up the Auterion Development Tools

How to create and deploy an airframe configuration to Skynode

  1. Connect a MAVLink shell to the vehicle:

    make mavlink-shell
  2. Inside the new mavlink shell list all the parameters that have changed for the current airframe:

    param show-for-airframe
  3. Exit the shell using: Ctrl-C

  4. Edit the file fmu/config/airframes/1300000_my_custom_airframe

    • Add the modified parameters to the file, i.e. from param show-for-airframe

    • Adjust the mixer according to the PX4 user guide

  5. Modify the file fmu/config/rc.autostart and add a new block to handle your custom airframe on startup of the Autopilot:

    if param compare SYS_AUTOSTART 1300000
    	. /fs/microsd/ext_autostart/airframes/1300000_my_custom_airframe
  6. For testing purposes quickly transfer the configuration to the vehicle directly from your computer:

    make fmu-update configurationDir=fmu/config
  • SYS_AUTOSTART to 1300000


  1. Reboot the vehicle

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