Skynav LT

Skynav LT is a government-ready radio controller that makes it easy to manage autonomous flights, live video streaming, and data collection. Its operator-friendly design reduces the controls and data needed for mission planning and deployment. A rugged and at the same time light-weight design makes Skynav LT the ideal controller for any kind of mission.

First Steps with Skynav LT

Charge Skynav LT

  1. Remove Skynav LT from the Pelican case (or pouch).

  2. Raise the antennas (Microhard units only)

  3. Both the Skynav LT unit and the external battery must be charged prior to use. The same charger can be used for both devices.

Power Bank: Charge the power bank via the USB-C Port. The battery levels can be checked by pressing the power button on the power bank.

Skynav LT: Charge the unit using USB-C port as shown below. The tablet can continue to be charged while in use.

For any data transfer, please use the Samsung USB-C thumb drive provided with the Skynav LT. Other thumb drives and devices may not function properly with the Skynav LT's USB-C port.

Power Skynav LT

  1. Press the On/Off button on the top of the controller.

  2. Wait until the unit boots up (about 15 seconds).

  3. After the unit is powered on make sure the WiFi is disabled in order for Ethernet to work properly.

  4. After the tablet has been powered on, the radio can now be powered on by plugging in the cable from the battery pack to the radio module.

Access your application

For detailed information and additional resources for your ground control application please visit Auterion Mission Control.

Power Off

  1. Exit AMC/QGC by clicking on the menu icon, located on the top left of the screen and selecting “Exit”

  2. On the controller’s homepage , use the drop down menu on the top right of the screen to select the “Power Off” button or press down the side key for the power off menu.

  3. The Skynav LT is now powered off.

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