APX4 2.6.1


Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.15.0 or newer with this version of APX4:

New Features

  • Log encryption
  • ARK RTK GPS Support
  • Wind-aware fixed wing guidance (optional)
  • Support for Auterion 12S power module

What improved

  • Improved export controlled flight time and wind restriction notifications
  • Balanced intensities of LED colors to prevent excessive power consumption on CAN bus
  • Better direction based speed constraints
  • Better GPS loss and jamming reporting
  • Automatically switch to appropriate mode after land
  • Possibility to have landing as part of a mission
  • Spoiler / flaps support on VTOL

Bug fixes

  • Use estimated magnetometer bias to update the magnetometer calibration
  • Fix false negative imbalanced propeller detection
  • Fix memory access issues
  • General stability improvements
  • Improved performance of estimator calculations
Last modified 6mo ago