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APX4 2.5.4


Please use Auterion Mission Control 1.14.0 or newer with this version of APX4:

What improved

  • Automatically switch to a mode suitable for takeoff after landing
  • Support for ADS1115 ADC battery measurements
  • Better remaining battery estimation

Resolved Issues

  • Magnetometer IST8310 failing to start up on certain boards
  • DroneCAN not starting up in certain conditions
  • Prevent sending out invalid mission back to GCS
  • Robustify bad vertical acceleration check
  • Fix case where weather vane landing would not work on VTOL
  • Fix case when vehicle would not automatically exit a loiter
  • Fixes edge case that could cause DMA to stop working
  • Fix case that could cause camera trigger not executing in mission
  • Prevent a case in which a go-to location could be pending on arming
  • Prevent PWM ESCs from detecting loss of signal on terminate
  • NuttX update to mitigate some OS issues