Power Skynode

Please ensure that you remove the power from the Skynode before connecting or disconnecting any peripherals.

What you will need for this step

  • Skynode Enterprise Edition
  • 1x Cable PWR SKND 5V (Molex Micro-Lock Plus 6-pin)
  • 1x Cable PWR ADAPTER XT60
  • 1x _POWER SUPPLY (_AC/DC power supply 24V 36W)
  • 1x PLUG NA/EU (Socket adapter for US or EU)
Only use the Molex Micro-Lock Plus 6-pin cable included in the kit! Similar cables (e.g. from Digikey) may not be compatible with Skynode.


  1. 1.
    Assemble the socket adapter for EU (left) or US (right) to the AC/DC power supply (24V, 36W), and plug it into a wall socket. ​
  2. 2.
    Connect Skynode PWR 1 (J5) port to the power module using the PWR SKND 5V cable, as shown:
  3. 3.
    Connect the power module to the supplied adapter cable PWR ADAPTER XT60. ​
  4. 4.
    Power Skynode by connecting the barrel connector of the wall socket adapter to the power module. The green, blue and orange LEDs on Skynode will turn on for 2 seconds, followed by a blinking pattern of the green LED. The power module shows a steady green LED while powered on. ​
  5. 5.
    The green LED on Skynode will blink while AuterionOS is booting and turn solid once the system is up and running. The blue LED turns on as soon as the MAVLink stream is available. The red LED blinks if the Data Link module is not connected. LED meanings are summarized here
When wiring Skynode on the vehicle, attach power modules to both PWR1 and PWR2 connetors for a redundant power supply setup. Make sure to enable monitoring of the second power module with the parameter BAT2_SOURCE in order to have telemetry of the second battery as well. Furthermore you can force having both power modules connected by setting parameter COM_POWER_COUNT=2.
The power modules are ideally supplied by separate batteries. Keep in mind that the power module input rating is 3S to 6S / 12V to 30V.
For more information on the recommended setup refer to the section Power Architecture in the Skynode Datasheet.‌