Auterion Enterprise PX4 2.5.0 Release Notes
Specific Features on this release are only compatible with Auterion Mission Control v1.14 or newer. Those features will not be available if an older Auterion Mission Control version is used.


New Features

  • Surveying and Mapping: AuterionOS 2.5 captures and store geotagged images at high precision to enable a end to end professional survey workflow in conjunction with AMC, PrecisionFlight or ESRI SiteScan.
  • AuterionOS can stream live video and live vehicle telemetry over the air to Auterion Suite (needs to be enabled by the user)
  • AuterionOS artifact signing functionality for production builds
  • Overhauled and simplified vehicle registration workflow
  • Overhauled Vehicle web UI
  • Add support for exFAT file system on USB sticks
  • Payloads:
    • Trillium Gimbal/Cameras:
      • Enable recording and storing videos on the Vehicle
      • Add support for laser pointer
    • Nextvision Gimbal/Cameras with Trip2
      • add tracking support
      • add (point of interest) POI support
    • preview/beta: Doodle labs smart Radio support (please reach out if you want to use this feature)
  • Vehicle side support for the following new features of the AMC photo gallery in AMC 1.14:
    • support for grouping photos with missions
    • support for deleting photos
    • support for smarter thumbnail download to conserve bandwidth
  • Preview / Beta: support for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

What improved

  • Infrastructure overhaul for radio driver API which enables functionality such as prioritizing image download over the faster of the available links
  • Improved auto-detection of payloads
  • Use only 5GHz for Skynode Access Point to avoid interference
  • LTE Modem manager: support 5G networks
  • Added functionality to coordinate SW updates of external components (if you are an OEM that wants to use this please reach out_
  • Added ability to disable automatic file-upload
  • Added Skynode Factory Reset functionality
  • Disabled RTPS protocol splitter by default, can still be enabled via PROTOCOL_SPLITTER_PASSTHROUGH_ENABLE=0
  • Switch to use 6GB rootfs partitiion that was introduced in 2.4

Bug fixes

  • Corner Case where Skynode can stay in bootloader mode
  • Pilot name not appearing in Suite
  • Sensor Point Of Interest Lost When Switching From Map To Sensor Video Feed
  • Payloads:
    • Various bug fixes for stability across all payloads
    • Fixed the following bugs for specific payload types:
      • UVC Camera (Web Camera): Settings not working
      • Workswell Wiris:
        • Thermal and visual zoom levels not in sync
        • The first time the IR stream is displayed it is smaller
        • Resolution not matching when overlaying IR to visible light
      • Nextvision: corner case where gimbal controls don't show up in AMC
      • Sony: video streaming high latency
      • Trillium: POI remains active after changing to a manual mode
  • Pairing - autoconnect interferes with connection to another vehicle
  • Cloud sim: video streaming high latency


New Features


  • Support for Parachutes from Drone Rescue Systems
  • General Flight UX:
    • Three-stage smooth landing in automatic modes -
    • Survey: allow resuming a survey and have gimbal pointing back down
    • Data link fail safe available in all modes
    • Margin for horizontal multi-copter control when prioritizing vertical authority: improves horizontal flight behavior in primarily vertical operations
    • Automatically switch to remote control loss behavior on yaw emergency detection
    • Directional speed constraints for Multicopter
    • Beta/Preview: Basic rover support (please reach out if you are interested to use AEPX4 on ground vehicles)
  • VTOL:
    • Rally Points: Support Multiple Land Approaches for VTOL / FW as on normal landing points
    • Support VTOL missions without takeoff waypoint
    • Smooth orbit approach trajectory , also fixes instances where Orbit altitude was not followed
    • Yaw-less multicopter mixer for use with tiltrotor type vehicles
    • Multicopter hover trust estimator takes into account additional lift on VTOL vehicles
  • Workflows
    • Add support to capture for syncing GPS and image capture to enable high precision survey workflows
  • Peripherals:
    • Battery over voltage protection/handling
    • Allow setting idle throttle on UAVCAN ESCs
    • Support for ADS1115 ADC
    • Enable HITL over UDP
    • Support for INA237 12S power module
    • Actuator endurance test feature
    • Support for radio_status_extension messages


  • All the new features made available in upstream PX4 v1.12 release

What improved

  • General Flight UX:
    • Delay before triggering RTL on critical battery
    • Improved accuracy of yaw emergency trigger
      • Commander: update yaw emergency messaging towards the user
    • Improved accuracy of imbalanced propeller check metric
    • Add support for toggle buttons via RC channels
    • GNSS yaw: handle sensor reset (observed on F9P)
    • Parameterized range setting for hover thrust estimator range
    • rotations: introduce support for ROTATION_PITCH_90_YAW_45
    • Do not re-check feasibility of commenced mission when already in-air
    • Only allow arming in modes that are suitable for take off
    • Required mag used by EKF as mandatory for arming
    • Better user notifications on battery pre-warnings
  • VTOL:
    • TECS: stay in flight phase level if only small altitude changes are demanded
    • Orbit flight behavior improvements
    • Fixed-wing loiter: set yaw setpoint tangentially to loiter
    • VTOL: Tiltrotor: enable hovering in non-zero tilts with forward tilt assist
    • Autotuning improvements for vehicles with slower response like VTOL
    • Don't fly mission land pattern when triggered RTL in hover on VTOL
    • Better airspeed selector messaging and warnings to user
    • front transition: fade out yaw control
    • Don't start Orbit, if radius not in allowed range + increase allowed range
    • Also use VTOL Safe Area feature after after geofence event
    • Prevent interrupting VTOL takeoff when failsafe happens at the same time
    • support alternative pitch setpoint offset in hover for landing
    • Trigger quadchute RTL on airspeed failure also in VTOL takeoff and loiter modes
    • Reset hover thrust when disarmed to prevent wrong estimate from landing affecting flight
  • System:
    • Overhaul of control allocation architecture to support dynamic control allocation (available as preview)
    • Prevent vehicle arm during calibration
    • Increase number of mavlink remote components
    • Check target field in mavlink shell
    • Too early reporting of pre-flight checks
  • Peripherals:
    • UAVCAN battery upgraded to use battery lib to enable taking into account internal resistance parameters
    • power monitor module is started now automatically
    • Point gimbal to neutral on RTL and failsafe
    • Do not trigger/warn user about a navigation failure during sensor calibration
    • Move capture and PPS pins to be Skynode compatible
    • preflight checks: to not require to have a transition switch
    • Stop capturing images on mission exit
    • Gimbal frames wrong when using vmount v1 on v2 input

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

General Flight UX

  • ROI location handled incorrectly
  • GPS loss messaging unclear
  • Immediate rearming after landing cant bypass all checks
  • Unexpected yaw on go-to with altitude change
  • Slow descent on stuck distance sensor
  • Yaw nudging conflicting with weather vane → only allow yaw nudging when weather vane is disabled
  • COMMAND_CANCEL not being handled properly by custom action waypoints
  • position main-state achievable over RC before GPS lock
  • Not switching to hold mode when mission finished
  • False in-ground-effect landing signal on long range distance sensor
  • Thrust step at takeoff
  • Pitch & Roll Oscillations During Go-To Descent
  • Vehicle does not stop properly when paused during a mission but instead it turns around and goes back to where it was paused.
  • Wrong gimbal user input scale
  • Rejected mission can be executed
  • Vehicle not switching to goto immediately when commanded to do so
  • Direction change in Orbit not accepted
  • Vehicle does yaw step on takeoff
  • ROI as part of mission not working
  • Consider vehicle still landed in all cases before motor spool-up is complete
  • Take pictures on takeoff on mission resume
  • Incorrect handling of zero remaining flight time state


  • Tight curve during back-transition on landing
  • automatic approach selection: wrong direction selected
  • wind estimate incorrect after VTOL landing
  • takeoff: loiter sector choice changes after transition to fixed-wing mode
  • tiltrotor vehicles: wrong throttle setpoint during stabilized transition
  • incorrect descend tracking in back-transition
  • wrong manual cimb rate
  • altitude setpoint issues on descend
  • Flight Time Estimator RTL action interferes with active landing
  • safe areas from previous flight used
  • mag bias estimator not operational after landing and re-takeoff
  • Commanded orbit altitude not followed
  • undefined flight path flight path when changing altitude during position flight mode in fixed wing mode


  • Error message when reading old storage formats
  • Corner case that could make vehicle uncontrollable by user until automatic RTL starts
  • Battery failsafe can interfere with time based RTL
  • SD-card file storage failures
  • When using two Power Modules on skynode, only one battery was displayed in AMC
  • Fix sensors not starting up in some cases
  • IMU coning warnings
  • Camera capture message do not arrive in low bandwidth link
  • Glitch in startup sound


  • Iridium modem can't be connected after boot
  • Map Camera Viewpoint Cone / Sensor Point of Interest Incorrect
  • Dshot Voltage reading jumps to 0 / UAVCAN ESC reported even if there are no UAVCAN ESCs
  • INA226 Power monitor reports wrong current
  • sdp3x: fix situation when wire/contact gets disconnected SDP3X sensor was not able to reconfigure.
+ several other bug-fixes

Fixed by community

  • Incorrect rejection of messages during MAVLink forwarding
  • All bug-fixes made available in the upstream PX4 v1.12 release