Getting Started

This section is for software developers and describes how to work with Skynode, how to run custom apps on it and how to modify AuterionOS in general. General concepts of AuterionOS are described in the following section:

Developer setup

Auterion developer tools are used to customize AuterionOS by modifying it, extending it with additional applications or by integrating a custom APX4 firmware for the flight controller:
The following page focus on how to interface with Skynode through SSH or mavlink and how to set up Skynode for an optional simulation environment:

Customizing and extending AuterionOS

The page about the auterion developer tools captures some methods of customizing AuterionOS and as well as packaging APX4 firmware as well as how to package the final AuterionOS image.
Most developers will want to create custom applications that run on Skynode. These can for example be used to interfact with the flight controller or payloads such as cameras. There is an entire dedicated section on the topic of app development, including example applications: