Modifying Environment Variables

How to modify environment variables in AuterionOS
On the mission computer side you can change and overwrite environment variables by editing the files in aepx4-developer-tools-2.x.x/config/auterion_os.env. In order to apply changes of the environment variables you have to repackage and deploy the update artifact to Skynode. You can find a list of every customizable environment variable in Environment Variables.
To package these into your own AuterionOS image, run the basic packaging command below:
make package-update version=my-version artifactPath=<AEPX4 Release>.auterionos
It is also possible to temporarily overwrite the environment variables directly on Skynode for testing purposes. To do so, SSH into Skynode and create the file /data/override.env. In there add the environment variables you wish to override. An example is shown below:
There is no guarantee that the file will persist after updating the Skynode, so do not treat it as a permanent method.