Adding Custom Apps


Custom applications can theoretically interact with the flight controller and therefore can have severe impacts on the vehicle's safety. We are supporting customers with a service level agreement (SLA) that includes custom builds from source based on our stabilized PX4 distribution. Please contact us at [email protected] for information on available SLAs and source access.

Include apps in AuterionOS

In case you have your own applications for AuterionOS, you can add your built app artifact (eg: myapp.auterionos) to the directory auterion-developer-tools/apps. All applications in this directory will be automatically injected into your AuterionOS image when using the basic make package-update command. Once the modified AuterionOS is installed onto your deice, the apps will be automatically installed as well.
The following make-command for the auterion developer tools builds AuterionOS and includes custom apps:
make package-update version=my-version artifactPath=<AEPX4 Release>.auterionos

Exclude apps from AuterionOS

If there are applications stored in auterion-developer-tools/apps and that should not be included in the custom AuterionOS image, the injection can disabled with the argument skipApps=1 when running the command packaging command. For example:
make package-update skipApps=1 version=my-version artifactPath=<AEPX4 Release>.auterionos
You can learn more about developing applications in the Application Development Guide.