Auterion CLI

Command Line Interface for interfacing with AuterionOS as well as installed applications
auterion-cli is already installed in AuterionOS and can assist you during development of your own application.


This section gives you more information about the different commands that you can run in order to interact and debug your application. You will need to ssh into your device in order to execute the commands (./tools/

List applications

auterion-cli container ls

List Docker containers for an application

auterion-cli app ls <APP_NAME>

Bash access to a container

docker exec -ti <CONTAINER_NAME> bash

Restart an application

auterion-cli app restart <APP_NAME>

Restart a container

auterion-cli container restart <CONTAINER_NAME>

Stop an application

auterion-cli app stop <APP_NAME>

Stop a container

auterion-cli container stop <CONTAINER_NAME>

Start an application

auterion-cli app start <APP_NAME>

Start a container

auterion-cli container start <CONTAINER_NAME>

Enable an application

auterion-cli app enable <APP_NAME>
The application will be started automatically next boot

Enable a container

auterion-cli container enable <CONTAINER_NAME>
The container will be started automatically next boot

Disable an application

auterion-cli app disable <APP_NAME>
The application will not be started automatically next boot

Disable a container

auterion-cli container disable <CONTAINER_NAME>
The container will not be started automatically next boot

Remove an application

auterion-cli app rm <APP_NAME>

Remove a container

auterion-cli container rm <CONTAINER_NAME>

Get app log

auterion-cli app logs <APP_NAME>

Get container log

auterion-cli container logs <CONTAINER_NAME>