Connect to the Suite

Get Skynode Online


To use Skynode to its full potential, you need to configure the LTE modem such that Skynode is online and can upload logs and interact with the Auterion Suite.

What you will need for this step

  • Skynode Enterprise, that has been registered already
  • Activated SIM Card. For US customers this is included in the Evaluation Kit


Please remove the power from Skynode before inserting or removing the SIM card.
  1. 1.
    Insert your SIM card into the SIM Card slot with the chip contacts facing downwards. The SIM card is recessed into the enclosure and you might need a tool to push it into the socket. You should hear a click when the SIM card is inserted properly. To remove the SIM card, push onto the card with a tool. You should hear a click and the card will be pushed out of the enclosure.
For our US customers, the SIM card is already inserted when Skynode is shipped.
2. Connect the two LTE antennas (Taoglas FXUB63) to the MMCX connectors. ​Note that the antenna connectors tightly fit due to their locking mechanism and need to be pressed into the socket. You should hear a click when the connector is properly seated.
3. Power on Skynode and connect it to Auterion Mission Control. To configure the cellular connection please refer to the guide under LTE Connection.
4. Configure the LTE connection according to your SIM card. For the T-mobile SIM cards included in Evaluation Kits for our North American customers, the defaults should work and no configuration step will be necessary.


Alternatively, Skynode can connect to your local wifi network and communicate with the Suite while you develop with it.
To configure the wifi head to the WiFi configuration page.
For questions contact us at [email protected].