Remote ID UI in AMC

Remote ID Icon meanings

Orange icon: Initialization

Orange Remote ID icon represents the initialization state after boot
Remote ID system is in the initialization state. The Remote ID application on Skynode has not yet received any messags from both APX4 and AMC. If this state persists, there are two likely reasons:
  1. 1.
    The GCS has no position fix, either because the sensor is missing or disabled, or because the signal quality is not good enough.
  2. 2.
    APX4 is not communicating to the Remote ID application in AuterionOS. This should only happen during development when the APX4 version is not up to date.
The GCS position can be checked by tapping the Remote ID icon in AMC. If the Lat, Lon and Alt fields are populated, this means that the GCS is good to go and waiting for the drone to finish initialization. An example is shown in the screenshot below:
Orange Remote ID icon while AMC has a valid position of the GCS

Green Icon: Healthy

Green Remote ID Icon
The Remote ID system is overall healthy and the drone is ready to fly.

Red Icon: Failure

Red Icon indicates a critical failure with Remote ID
The failure state is entered if the Remote ID system was healthy at one point and then encountered an error during operation. One reason might be that Remote ID stopped receiving a heartbeat from either AMC or APX4.

Grey Icon: Not supported

A grey Remote ID icon in AMC means that there is no support for Remote ID on the drone. The most likely reason is that AMC was updated with a new version supporting Remote ID, but AuterionOS has not. Resolve by updating AuterionOS on the corresponding vehicle.