How Remote ID works

This page outlines Auterion's implementation of Remote ID

Broadcast Method

Remote ID can be implemented via Bluetooth or WiFi in the following ways:
  1. 1.
    Bluetooth 4 Legacy Advertising
  2. 2.
    Bluetooth 5 Long Range with Extended Advertising
  3. 3.
    Wi-Fi Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN)
  4. 4.
    WiFi Beacon
The current implementation in AuterionOS on Skynode is using the fourth method where Remote ID information is embedded into WiFi Beacon frames. Every device that scans for WiFi networks and is within range therefore has access to the drone's Remote ID information.
AuterionOS streams the basic ID message, aircraft location and system message from the GCS in every WiFi Beacon frame. The full list of data elements that is broadcast for Remote ID can be found in Remote ID Data.

Remote ID Data

The data elements in Remote ID include:
  • GCS Information:
    • Latitude and Longitude of the GCS
    • Geometric altitude of the GCS
  • Vehicle information:
    • Vehicle serial number or session ID. In case of AuterionOS the Skynode's UUID is being used, along Auterion's manufacturer code. See the corresponding question in the FAQs for more details.
    • Latitude and Longitude of the vehicle
    • Geometric altitude of the vehicle
    • Velocity of the vehicle expressed as
      • Track direction
      • Horizontal and vertical speed
  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) timestamp of this data
  • Operational or emergency status of the vehicle

Calculation of vehicle serial number

As of AuterionOS 2.5.5, the vehicle serial number in Remote ID is currently using Auterion's registered manufacturing code, followed by a single character indicating the length of the device serial number, followed by the device serial number itself. In the case of Skynode it's the Skynode's hard-coded UUID.
The resulting vehicle serial number looks like this for example: 17269123456789
Bit position
Auterion's manufacturer code
The length of Skynode UUIDs
123456789 (example)
Skynode UUID from it's read-only memory

Block Diagram

AMC and APX4 receive HEARTBEAT messages from Skynode with the Remote ID status. The following fields of this message are relevant:
  • ua_type
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • altitude_geodetic
  • speed_horizontal
  • timestamp
  • status
AMC sends OPEN_DRONE_ID_SYSTEM messages, where the following fields are the most important ones: